ChatrouletteSites Features Streamberry

Today we got some great news when we noticed that Streamberry’s Chatroulette was featured on ChatrouletteSites.  For those of you that don’t know, ChatrouletteSites is a site that ranks all the best Chatroulette alternatives and lets you actually use them on their site without having to leave the site.  They feature the top 20 sites random chat sites and their site is available 9 languages.  This is a very innovative idea they came up with and it shows since from what I am seeing on their Alexa rankings which are growing pretty fast for a site that just launched a few months ago.

We are very grateful and humbled by the fact that we were included on the site.  We are working around the clock to grow Streamberry and hopefully soon we will go from top 20 to top 3 or maybe even #1!

ChatrouletteSites: List of the top 20 sites like Chatroulette

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Streamberry Chat Rooms Launched

We have decided to take Streamberry in a new direction, the right direction!  A few days ago we launched a complete redesign of the site and today we are launching a new feature that has already become an overnight success.  Free Chat Rooms are now available on Streamberry and there are already hundreds of people online and growing fast.

With the new chat rooms feature you can choose a room based on your preferences, we have random video chat, gay, lesbian, couples, college and no strings attached chat rooms.  The best part is that it is totally free to use and no signup or registration is required like on most other sites.  Even big sites like Facebook require users to signup and share their email and other personal information.  The reason Streamberry doesn’t require this is because firstly we care about your privacy and secondly we do not and will never sell your information like most sites do nowadays.

We hope you enjoy the new features and stay tuned because there are many new and exciting things we are working on.  Our goal is simple: to create the best video chat site in the world.  It’s possible and we are working day and night to make it happen!

If you see something we should change or have a suggestion that would make chat rooms or any other part of the site better please contact us.  We love to hear from our users and we are grateful and appreciate you using our site.

Chat Rooms by Streamberry

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Redesigned Chat Has Been Launched

We have finally rolled out our totally redesigned site.  We are still putting the final touches on the design but most has already been made live.  The new design makes it easier to use our site and the design is responsive.  Responsive design means that depending on your monitor resolution the design changes.  We have made the cams bigger so you will be able to see the person you are chatting with better.

We hope you enjoy the new design and if you have any suggestions or have an idea on how we can make it even better please contact us and let us know.


Streamberry Redesign

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Streamberry Infographic: The Evolution of Chatting!

The Chatting Evolution - StreamberryThe Chatting Evolution

It’s hard to imagine that over 20 years have passed since AOL made its debut. Now in 2013, it’s safe to say that communication has made some impressive strides since our dial-up days! However — if we consider AOL chatrooms to be prehistoric, can you imagine what life was like 2,000 years ago….when communication was simply reduced to smoke signals?

Communication dates as far back as prehistoric times, and can range from subtle processes of exchange, full conversations and mass communication. Communication has evolved over time, due to advances in communicative technologies, political and economic systems, and systems of power.  Just how much has communication changed over the years? Let’s take a look!

Estimations show that ‘networking’ can be traced as far back as 100,000 B.C, with the evolution of speech as one of the first endeavors that jumpstarted social interaction. Flash forward to 30,000 B.C and the first evidence of cave paintings emerged. In 10,000 B.C. petroglyphs followed suit, and in 9,000 B.C.  pictograms were the next line of communication to surface.  4,000 B.C. marked the introduction of writing, 2700 B.C. introduced the alphabet and 550 B.C. marked the first, makeshift attempt of instituting a postal system for long-distance communication.

In 150 B.C, smoke signals were all the rage, 1792 witnessed the birth of the optical telegraph, and 1876 rang in the first model of a working telephone. One century later in 1976, video-conferencing made progressive strides, and the Internet’s birth in 1983 marks one of the most significant, technological advancements of our time. Not long after, the webcam was introduced in 1994 and three years later, the PING! of AOL’s Instant Messenger resonated from everyone’s Compaq Presario speakers.

**In 2012, 65% of American consumers engaged in a live chat – these figures are up 50.4 per cent since 2009! Keep up with the times and interact the modern way, using Streamberry! Streamberry is a free, cam-and-chat site with limited restrictions and lots of entertainment! Visit Streamberry at, and start chatting, today!**


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5 Funny Dating Videos

Ok, let’s have some fun! These are some great funny videos we found on YouTube.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments section! Have fun!



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Should You Make a Video for Your Online Dating Profile?

One of the best ways to get more dates or contacts is to draw attention to your online profile by adding a short video clip of yourself.

video profile

If you are the shy type then you will have to step outside your comfort zone when making a video. below we look at some of the things you will need to say and do when making a video to fit your online dating profile effectively.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that what you say in your video is the same or similar to your written online profile. Keep the video focused and about what you are into doing and what you are interested in. Try to keep it lighthearted and show some humor, but you don’t have to feel like you are doing a comedy routine either. Mainly, just be yourself and talk about who you are, what you like to do, and what you are looking for.

Short videos are better as they retain the attention of the viewer so you should endeavor to keep the video in the 1 to 3 minutes range which should be long enough to draw someone’s attention, but not so long that it drags on and someone may lose interest. Prepare some short notes on what you want to say before you make the video as these can act as a guide for you. However do not try to script the whole video as you want to look spontaneous not staged.

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed as well as clothes that show you off in the best light. Not too informal, but not formal either. One idea could be that if you are interested in a particular hobby, you could wear some gear related to that hobby, but in general, just wearing normal clothing would work fine.

You do not need top of the range video equipment as many cell phones etc can shoot videos which are more than adequate. Remember you do not need Hollywood style production for your video, just a natural production. All you then need to do is to go signup for a free account at a video sharing site like and upload the video.

YouTube makes it very easy to upload your video. Of concern for some people is the privacy of their video profile. It is true that on a sharing site such as YouTube the main attraction is sharing videos that everyone can see, but that is not the only setting available for sharing your videos. You can also opt to use the private and unlisted settings on YouTube which will give you more privacy.

A private setting only allows people that you invite and/or approve someone to view your video. If you choose this setting, you could choose whether to allow someone who has contacted you to see the video profile. This setting has the most privacy.

An unlisted setting allows anyone with the link to view the video but does not show up on any general search. So, you could post the link to the video in your online dating profile and anyone who reads it could click through. This is somewhat more private than publicly searchable, but it is still viewable by anyone with the link, so be aware of that.

As an important note of warning, regardless of which privacy setting you choose, be cautious and safe just like on the dating sites and do not list personally identifiable information in the video (address, phone number, etc). Have fun, but be safe.

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Tips For A First Date With Someone You Met Online

You met online…now what do you do?

Good old fashioned contact

date online

Ensure that you have made contact in a way other than by e-mail or text. Get to hear his voice on the telephone as it is compelling about hearing someone’s voice. It gives you a feel for the person and is less detached than email or text. Stand firm and let him know that texting is for teenagers not for real adult relationships. If a man is texting like he’s a teenager, let him know he should pick up the phone! You can’t get to know someone in 140-character messages.

Make a plan

You need a plan to decide what you want to do on the first date. It is perhaps not the best idea to do something active on the first date as that may lead you to feel trapped if you do not hit it off. Now, on the second date it’s a really good idea. Go to an exhibit, hear some jazz, hit some golf balls – you will both feel less nervous and will have more to talk about.

Make safety your number one priority

Before your first date make sure that someone who you trust knows who you are going out with and where you will be going.

Be prepared

Dress to impress. Make sure you look your best for the first date as that will improve your confidence and allow you to relax and focus on meeting someone new.

Keep things short and sweet

Limit your first date to an hour maximum, less is more when it comes to dating. Even if you have to pretend to have another appointment or need to be home at a certain hour – do that.

Take it slow

Get to know them slowly. Try not to unload on them all the bad relationships you have had in the past. Likewise do not allow him to unload on you. In the end you should look forward to a new relationship rather than rehashing previous relationships that have gone wrong.

Ditch the gadgets

Put any and all electronics like your phone on silent mode or vibrate. If you have a babysitter and need to know if you get a call, let him know that. Put the phone on vibrate so you can check it, but whatever you do, don’t answer it unless it’s an emergency.

Let him down easy

If after the first day there is simply no chemistry between you then simply let him know. You’d want to know how he feels about you. You may feel sorry for him or that it was first date nerves and want to give him a second chance, however, if you know it will go nowhere, be a grown-up. Tell him that you don’t feel this is a good fit for you and wish him the best. Yes, that’s hard to do, but you’d want to know if he felt that way and not continue to have expectations that won’t be met.

Remember, everyone you meet is looking for the same thing you are – someone to have a fulfilling, fun and romantic relationship with! One date can change your life!

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